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  • December30th

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    For those of you who had a chance to follow the tour on faceBook  (The Forgotten Carols page) you know what a blast we all had doing the show.  It was truly a joy to be with such great people both on stage and off.  I’m profoundly grateful for the enthusiasm and support I felt every night.  Thanks to everyone involved.

    Today I’m looking out over our field of snow.  Yesterday it snowed non-stop all day long and today it’s looks like a postcard for a winter wonderland.  Gorgeous.  Sort of a medaphor for the New Year.  Clean slate, fresh page, awaiting whatever mark I choose to make.   As I continue my “post-tour” recovery I’m going to be giving it a lot of thought.

    More tomorrow.

  • December6th

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    I haven’t had a chance to get ALL my M2B:) moments here on this blog, but I want you to know there are more than I could have ever hoped for…and they’ve come from you who have been coming to see THE FORGOTTEN CAROLS.  We’ve been capturing these memories on our  FORGOTTEN CAROLS page on facebook.  Everyday our director (who also plays the part of Dr. Halifax in the show) Gili Getz uploads videos of the tour.  Behind the scenes insights that allow everyone to actually be on tour with us.  So join me there if you’d like an all access backstage pass to the tour.  Tonight we begin a week at the Cottonwood auditorium and then we head south to Richfield, St. George, Las Vegas and Phoenix.  For info on exactly where we’ll be and when go to  ForgottenCarols.com  and if you’re on facebook, please go to our page and lick “like”.

    I’ve always loved this time of year but I think my Mission To Be Happy has taught me how to be even more aware of all the happiness that is happening all around me…but best of all, it has helped me discover the joy within.

  • November18th

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    First day of Forgotten Carols rehearsals and I’m a happy guy.  Reunited with great friends anticipating the best season ever and already having way too much fun.  As we reviewed the blocking of the show and looked for better ways to bring the story to life we found some really fun stuff that’s been buried in the script for several years but now seems to be surfacing.  Can’t wait to share the discoveries with audiences on the tour.

    Just before we got to work this morning the cast received gifts:  A copy of the new Forgotten Carols illustrated book, “A Christmas Miracle for Isaac and Eliza” and an all cotton throw/blanket with the Forgotten Carols logo on it.  Not only does it look great and VERY festive but I’ve already wrapped myself up in it in anticipation of winter movie nights at McLean Cinemas.

    During rehearsal today I was infused with a spirit of deep gratitude.  How lucky am I to be able to spend the holiday season with so many wonderful people telling a story that means so much to me.  During the Shepherd song I sing the line “…but there was something magic in the air, that made me feel as if I had been there”   I felt the magic today, rehearsing in the same room that I first presented The Forgotten Carols to my family and some friends back in 1991.  I was thirty-nine and was hoping a modest one-man show of The Forgotten Carols with a regional back-up choir would help promote my new Christmas story and songs.  The show has certainly evolved over the last nineteen years, but at its core, the story’s still the same and from what I felt today it still allows me to feel the magic in the air.  If that’s not a M2B:) moment I don’t know what is.

  • November17th

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    It’s important for me to say, right here and now, that  I HAVE NOT ceased my daily search for meaningful happiness AND I HAVE NOT failed to find it. I have failed to get to my computer the last twelve days to share the joy with those of you who read these postings.  I’ve been amazed at how much there has been to be happy about and I’m happy to be able to spend a few moments today getting you caught up on my Mission To Be Happy.

    Since my last entry I’ve been to Portland, Oregon to share an evening of stories and songs at the Time Out For Women Conference. Flew to Arizona to join my friends from the Nashville Tribute Band for a show in Show Low.  Made it home in the nick of time to help navigate the mother ship through stormy seas.  Picked up the pace promoting the upcoming FORGOTTEN CAROLS tour by making a quick trip to Sacramento and tonight I’m off to the airport to collect the talented and always joyful Gili Getz who flies in from New York  to shepherd us through rehearsals.   Been crazy busy, but I haven’t confused business with happiness.  Some of the most remarkable moments of my M2B:) this year were found in-between the anchor activities.  For example:

    Waiting for Delta airlines to get me back to Utah from Phoenix I met a women who lives in Layton traveling with her 75 year old mother who lives in Orem.  They’d been on a get-a-way weekend in Arizona (the husband works for the airlines and so the two ladies were flying stand-by to get home).  We started chatting and quickly developed a bond.  Neither of them were familiar with The Forgotten Carols and so I did a little tap dance there at the airport to encourage them to check out the show.  They endured my genetic pre-disposition to try and talk anyone into listening to my songs or attending my concerts and before I could mention how to order tickets online the older woman began sharing her love for Jesus with me.   She gave me a book she was reading about the 91st Psalm and quoted that scripture to me with great enthusiasm and joy.  She told me her father was a preacher and that spiritual things came naturally to her.  She praised the Lord almost every other sentence as we talked about things we had in common and ways we’d all been blessed.  I think we sort of adopted each other as we said goodbye.

    A couple of days later I found a message on my voice mail that had come early that morning.  It was my new friend who said she’d been thinking about me and wanted to pray for me…and she did.  That voice mail was, without question, one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard.  I don’t know if it’s right to say someone offered a “great” prayer, but that’s what I heard.  A really great prayer!!! I felt blessed just listening to it, and then put it on the speaker phone and played it for my wife.  I don’t know if this will make sense, but I kinda wanted to replay the voice mail prayer during my own prayer time and just point to my cell phone, look heavenward, and say, “what she said!!”

    I found that after hearing that prayer I discovered others who’ve been praying for me.  Dear friends who fasted and prayed for me on my drive back to Vermont.  Others who’ve been pouring out their hearts to heaven in our behalf as we’ve been learning how to care for our ailing parents. And for our kids…and grandkids.  All the prayers have been felt, completely, but perhaps best of all, they’ve changed the way I pray for others.  I’m not sure I’m offering “great” prayers for those I care about, but they’re more sincere, more specific and more…often.

    As I enter into the consuming task of sharing The Forgotten Carols from Sacramento to Seattle, Spokane to Boise, Idaho Falls to Logan, Ogden to Provo, Salt Lake City to Richfield, St. George to Las Vegas and finishing up the tour in Phoenix I’m going to be praying a lot.   For the cast and crew, the weather, the pizzas, the late night visits to Dennys (or whatever’s open after the shows)….but most of all, for the audiences.  At Christmas time M2B:) moments abound but, like the Innkeeper who turned away Joseph and Mary, we’re often too busy to recognize them.  My prayer is that midst all the craziness in all our lives, we don’t miss what really matters.

  • November5th

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    Three days of chores and I’m feeling “chore’d out”.  Don’t get me wrong.  There’s a great feeling of satisfaction getting an oversized load of stuff hauled off to the dump, getting my dad’s car repaired, moving the fire-pit benches up out of the sure to come snow, putting new tires on Lynne’s car, getting folks to the dentist, the doctor and, oh yes,  voting.

    Wait a minute. Is voting a “chore”?  Of course not, it’s privilege and one I should never take for granted.  But it was on “the list” of things to do so I sort of treated it like a chore and ALMOST missed the M2B:) highlight of these three days.  I live in a place where my voice matters, where I can cast a ballot, in secret, and choose someone to represent me in matters local, national and international.  Though the moment of voting was singular, it’s significance has lingered with me longer than in voting years past.  I’m deeply grateful for the freedoms I enjoy.  I know there are concerns about freedoms lost and the destruction of our democracy as we’ve known it, but those aren’t my fears this week.  I got to vote.  It got counted.  There will be changes in government with no shots fired, no coup attempts.  Even moments of humility and graciousness in victory and defeat.  Dare I say it…civility.

    I’m choosing to focus on that, and it makes me happy.