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This morning I needed to drive in to Salt Lake to make a car exchange with Meggan.  She and Alex were both working all day and they’d lined up someone to take care of Bucky and Sadie.  When I stopped to put some gas in the car I noticed that there was part of a Halloween costume in the back seat so I returned to Meggan’s house to drop off the outfit.  The front door was open.  I stepped inside and here’s the scene:

Hispanic baby sitter holding Sadie in her arms, Bucky is running around the living room naked.  Upon seeing his Tappaw he races to me, arms outstretched, and calling my name.  It was as if he was seeing the troops coming to liberate his concentration camp.  ”Oh Tappaw, Tappaw, don’t leave me!  Don’t leave me!”

Clinging to my left leg with a rather ferocious grip I asked why Bucky didn’t have any clothes on.  The sitter didn’t speak English but she didn’t have to.  She simply held up his clothes, said something in Spanish, and placed them in my hands.  She was obviously frustrated by Bucky’s lack of cooperation in the getting dressed department.  Bucky simply wanted to be assured I wouldn’t abandon him.

“Hey, Bucky…it’s okay.  What’s the matter?”  And then, his unforgettable reply, just on the edge of tears.

“Tappaw, I can’t speak Spanish”.

I reassured him I wasn’t leaving.  We put on his clothes and decided to have a “run-a-way day”, just the two of us, until his folks got home from work.  Sadie was very content not speaking spanish, or any language for that matter, so Bucky and I began our adventure.  McDonald’s playland, the Children’s museum, a stroll around the Gateway, frequent stops for treats and deep discussions about cookies and ice cream.

It was the perfect M2B:) day…and the only language spoken was love.

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