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The flight to Atlanta was great and when the plane touched down I had the M2B:) unexpected joy of being merely a short train ride away from the hotel and convention center where I’d be performing tonight.  I was excited to return to Atlanta for Time Out For Women but my mood was elevated  (by a factor of say, 10) by the convenience of being where I needed to be without sitting in traffic.  Oh, how I love that.

But I have to confess I love the ladies of Georgia and surrounding states even more.  Really.  Love the accents, love the graciousness, love the hospitality and  love bein’ called “sugar”  (maybe they meant to say, “Brother Sugar” and I just didn’t hear the first part)  I came here tonight with a heavy heart but left with my load lightened.  Thank you for sharing the journey and the musical signposts along the way.

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