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I don’t know exactly why this happens, but it happens to me every couple of weeks.  I get this feeling I need to call someone I know and the feeling won’t let go until I make the call.   I used to think that the one I called probably needed a call that day and I was simply the first to get the cosmic memo…but now I’m pretty sure it’s for me.  It makes me happy to just pick up the phone and reconnect with friends and family I haven’t talked to for awhile (with the operative word being talk, not text, not email, not facebook…talk).

It might be generational but I really like talking to people I care about.  There’s something about hearing their voices, sensing the pauses, sharing the chuckles and communicating in that way that makes me happy (even when what we’re talking about doesn’t always surround a happy place).

Today I was so happy to have a cell phone, a digital phonebook and good friends who have been on my mind and took the call.

Nothing dramatic to report.  No one was saved by my call.  No one in crisis secretly needing a sonic hug.  But oh, how the reconnection has helped my M2B:) meter to soar!

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