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Today was the photo shoot for the Utah Valley Magazine article that’s due to hit the stands this holiday season.  It was fun.  Making the house look like Christmas on one of the most gorgeous fall days of the year was a bit of a challenge, but the photographer seemed to know what she was doing and the concept for the magazine cover had potential so we took on the task with zeal.  I’m always a bit self conscious doing these things, but the photographer assured me she had magic lenses that took off pounds, erased years and added inner “sparkle” to each photo.  To that I say, wow! Technology and photoshop rule.

When the lights and camera were gone I noticed that the movie Shallow Hal was playing on one of the satellite tv stations.  It’s that Jack Black movie about the guy  who gets stuck in an elevator with Tony Robbins who then hypnotizes  him into seeing the inner beauty of people rather than their outward appearance.  It got me thinking.  What if there was a camera lens that actually DID reveal what we are really like inside?  What would I look like?  And how much photoshop-ing would be needed to make the cover of Good Guy Magazine?  Who knows.  What I do know is I’m grateful Jeanette at Utah Valley Magazine cares enough to write about me and the upcoming Forgotten Carols tour in her beautiful magazine. Can’t wait to see how today’s pictures turn out.

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