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Tough day today.  With a house this full of people it’s impossible NOT to have one of those days where things are not exactly the Lonely Goater Scene in Sound of Music.   Lynne’s upset with me about something that will have to be explained to me by a psychic.  My dad’s obsessed with a book he’s missing, my mother-in-law can’t find her beloved marshmallows, my mother wants to know when the funeral is, (what funeral, Mother….yours?) My father-in-law is having dizzy spells….and worst of all, the cook gave notice.  She’s too stressed out by the job of feeding the Scotshaven Home for Invalid Tennants.

I can deal with an emotional crisis, anger, frustration, pain, misplaced books and lost marshmallows,  but not with losing the cook.  This woman was proof that there is a God in Heaven who hears and answers prayers.  The tough part is that she’s so good, not just as a cook, but as a person and a neighbor, that it’s impossible not to understand her dilemma.  It’s just too much for her right now and we love her way too much to do anything but understand.

So we’re in search of a cook.  Actually my suggestion is that we alternate between pizza on the odd days and chinese take out on the even days with KFC on the weekends and a big pot of taco soup in freezer in case the pizza guy gets lost.

But I digress.  There is GOOD news about Bad News Tuesday and here it is:  Won’t be long til it’s Wednesday.  Bad News Tuesday will pass.  Books will be relocated, funerals attended, marshmallows found and tensions eased.  Wednesday will be a new day,   I can’t search any harder for the magic happiness today…but that’s why there’s tomorrow. .  It’s all gonna be okay, people.  I promise.

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