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Tonight my daughter Meggan asked if she could shoot a video of me answering questions for a presentation she will be giving tomorrow.   It was about 9:30pm when the camera started rolling and I wasn’t really sure what she was after but I am in show business, so when the record button lights up,  something inside me does too.

My M2B:) moment today is that I’m owning this truth about myself.  This is the way I’m wired and though years of therapy have helped me understand it better, it hasn’t really changed me.  I’m a ham.  I said it.  You who know me have always known this, but I’m saying it right here, right now. I know what I am, and I am a ham!!!  No apologies, no excuses. But my M2B:) bonus today is that I ALSO know this about me:   I’m honey-baked!

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