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Did I read that right?  In the first half of the BYU @ TCU football contest today, the Cougars got 14 yards total offense.  Had to have been a typo.  FOURTEEN YARDS….TOTAL OFFENSE in thirty minutes of football??!!! How is that even possible?

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not “piling on” the BYU football program when they’re down…or “rebuilding”…but I’m on a mission to be happy and seeing this statistic for ANY football program in the state I live in threatens my inner happy face.

But wait….I’ve got it.  I DO have something to be happy about today!!  I’m not the coach on the way to the locker room at the end of the first half with some perky female sideline reporter sticking a microphone in my face and saying something like, “So coach, what are you going to say to your team during half-time knowing that you only got FOURTEEN YARDS total offense in the first half”.   I’ve had bad days before, but I’m so happy today I’m not that guy.

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