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This was M2B:) flattering:  Julie de Azevedo Hanks sends me a text asking if I can fill in for her at a presentation she accidentally double booked.  Actually, I don’t think she doubled booked it, something just got lost in cyberspace and she was at Disneyland with her family (and I suspect 80% of greater Salt Lake City who migrate to So. Cal. during UEA this time of year) and her presentation was booked for tomorrow in Ogden.   Turns out that even though I was available and happy to help, the group in Ogden chose to re-schedule Julie rather than do a bait and switch with me.  I can’t feel too bad, since they invited Julie because of her expertise in interpersonal communications and family therapy I think  it might have been a little strange for a middle aged, clinically depressed type 2 diabetic to show up singing praises for his many medications.  No, I get it.

But I was ASKED to help AND to help someone I think it quite wonderful in all ways artistic, creative and human.   That’s right…somebody really cool called me.  Love that.  Sometimes it’s impossible to help or it doesn’t work out or whatever, but it’s a happy thing to be invited.  A Mission To Be Happy kind of thing.

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