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I spent the afternoon at the Provo Canyon School for Girls telling stories and singing songs.  Between sixty and seventy girls opened up their hearts and let me share what I’ve learned about hope, and holding on and letting go.  I found myself caring about these young women, deeply…more than I would have thought possible this morning,  and yet it happened so quickly.  Something in their eyes told me to be careful and tell the truth because there were wounds and heartaches from too many lies.  As I tried to listen to unspoken requests from young people who I’m pretty sure were unfamiliar with my songs, yet it felt like the right ones volunteered at just the right time.

I’m planning to return.  Probably after the Forgotten Carols tour is completed.  I think I found that (to quote one of my songs) “it IS possible that strangers like us could be friends, in just a moment or two.”   When I said goodbye my heart was full…M2B:) full.

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