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I’m not a tech savy guy.  I’m also a little bit deaf so I miss a few things in conversations with those who are either “low speakers” or still learning to speak English.  So you can imagine my delight in spending a total of 4 hours on the phone with 5 different people IN INDIA trying to solve a tech problem with a new HP device I got for my wife that doesn’t work as advertised.

I did all right, at least for me, the first 45 minutes.  I was relatively pleasant as I was forwarded from one Indian to the next, looking for someone who could solve my problem….”troubleshooting” they called it.  After being disconnected TWICE and taking at least 45 more minutes to get back to where we were when I was disconnected the last time, I started losing my M2B:) cool.   I thought if I only spoke LOUDER and SLOWER somehow the person on the other end would we more understandable.  Not so.  These folks may have taken English as a fourth language classes in Mumbai three month ago, but I wasn’t understanding them.

Truth is, I probably would have had a hard time understanding them if they spoke perfect English because of my impaired tech savy gene, but just the same, by hour three + I was wondering if there were any Indian swear words I could use that would get their attention.  Since I didn’t know any, I considered English swear words that might have been introduced to them in the English as a fourth Language classes they recently graduated from.  But I realized that it wouldn’t have done any good.  These people are INDIAN!!! They read Deepak Chopra in the original language.  They are not rattled or riled.  Life is a journey along a slow moving river and they are becoming ONE with the river.

I on the other hand, wanted to DROWN them in that river by the end of my fourth hour.

So, you may be asking yourself, where did you find a M2B:) moment in what otherwise would have been very infuriating for just about everyone on earth.

I didn’t.  It made me crazy.  Today I failed on my mission to be happy to accept life as it comes and find the meaningful joy no matter what.  I have to admit it.  The happiness thing wasn’t working for me today.

Wait…I take that back….the thought of a tsunami drowning everyone at the HP support house did sort of brighten my day.

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