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Drove to Logan to support my friends in the Nashville Tribute Band at their show at the Kent Concert Hall on the campus of Utah State University.  The show opened with me, sitting at the piano, playing the intro to LET HIM IN, the first song in the Forgotten Carols.  A few measures in, I was interrupted, in front of all those people.  I protested, “People really like this song” but it didn’t matter.   Today was NOVEMBER FIRST and The Forgotten Carols in Logan is scheduled for DECEMBER FIRST.  Oops!  Off by a month.  Never mind.

Got a nice laugh, and later that evening I was invited to sing a few songs and it was fun.  In fact, at the end of the week I’m going to be subbing for keyboardist Dan Truman at their shows in Arizona.  As always, being with good folks making good music for good crowds is nothing but fulfilling a mission to be happy.

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