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I haven’t had a chance to get ALL my M2B:) moments here on this blog, but I want you to know there are more than I could have ever hoped for…and they’ve come from you who have been coming to see THE FORGOTTEN CAROLS.  We’ve been capturing these memories on our  FORGOTTEN CAROLS page on facebook.  Everyday our director (who also plays the part of Dr. Halifax in the show) Gili Getz uploads videos of the tour.  Behind the scenes insights that allow everyone to actually be on tour with us.  So join me there if you’d like an all access backstage pass to the tour.  Tonight we begin a week at the Cottonwood auditorium and then we head south to Richfield, St. George, Las Vegas and Phoenix.  For info on exactly where we’ll be and when go to  ForgottenCarols.com  and if you’re on facebook, please go to our page and lick “like”.

I’ve always loved this time of year but I think my Mission To Be Happy has taught me how to be even more aware of all the happiness that is happening all around me…but best of all, it has helped me discover the joy within.

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