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I hate admitting this, but I can’t fix anything.  I have no handyman skills.  And what makes it worse is I grew up in a house where my Dad was able to repair everything that ever broke.  I, on the other hand, will probably go broke hiring people to come and fix the stuff that breaks.  All new year’s resolutions to abstain from swearing only last until something breaks. Sad but true.   I am, however, claiming some personal growth with the fact that I’ve lowered the volume of what ever cursing surfaces when something breaks.

So you can imagine my M2B:) response when Lynne told me that the built in hot water maker we had installed under our sink in the kitchen wasn’t working.  I thought I could avoid breaking the annual new year’s resolution so early in the year by simply going into total denial. “It’s brand new, it can’t be broken.”   I said calmly.

“It doesn’t work, Michael” Lynne said matter-of-fact-ly.   “Well, maybe not,” I said,” but it can’t be BROKEN.  We just bought it and paid professional installer guys to put it in.”

“It isn’t hot, Michael.  Come over here and look at this.”

I thought that if I didn’t actually see it not working I wouldn’t have to face the truth that it was in fact broken.  So I slipped out of the kitchen and into the garage.  May have muttered something under my breath…but no one heard it so it doesn’t really count.  I called back into the house, “Be back in a minute. I’ve got an errand to run.”   I then jumped in the car and experience a series of MIRACLES!!!  I’d like to list them for you.

1) The car started right up.   Not broken.

2) The garage door opener worked, EXACTLY the way it was supposed to. Not broken.

3) Driving down the driveway my cell phone rang and when I answered the call the person on the other end heard every word I was saying. Not broken.

4) I needed some fuel for the car and when I stopped to fill up my credit card worked.

5) When the pay at the pump screen asked me for my zip code I REMEMBERED. No alzheimers yet.

6) I grabbed a soda and it tasted EXACTLY the way it was supposed to. Neither the soda fountain nor my taste buds were broken.

7) After running my errands I drove home and pushed the garage door opener and (Oh, how I love this) it opened.  Still working. Not broken.

7) Later, after drinking the entire soda my body said very thoughtfully, “Wow, that was a lot of soda.”  And to my delight, everything worked the way it was supposed to.  Not broken…yet.

So I started celebrating all the stuff that works.  All the things I don’t have to call somebody to fix.  It was a truly happy feeling that lingers with me still.   Here I am typing away on my keyboard and all the right letters show up on the screen.  HOW COOL IS THAT?  My computer is not broken.  Today my internet isn’t broken.  Wait a minute it’s getting dark.  Let me turn on the light.  WOW!!! It’s not broken.  It’s ALL good.

As I end this entry something has occurred to me.  If I take today’s mission to be happy discovery beyond stuff and into the realm of all the relationships in my life that truly matter I have a smile in my heart….not broken.

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  • Comment by Heather — January 13, 2010 @ 1:05 pm

    Thanks for a great post on the exact day I needed to see it. Im glad that I found your blog today and that my computer is not broken so I can read it!

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