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It’s a snow day (snowin’ like crazy as I write this) and I’m home playing with my newest toy that I got for my birthday. It’s an iPad and it’s so cooooooooooool. I’m sending my first M2B:) blog via my iPad hoping that the coolness of the tablet influences the coolness of the author.

I’ve been thinking about coolness a lot lately. It may have something to do with my recent birthday. I received the coolest gifts of any birthday in a decade and yet I secretly wonder if I deserve them. Well, that’s misleading. I don’t wonder if I deserved being treated with such thoughtfulness and love, but I wonder what I need to do to become cool enough, in my own mind, to own such cool gifts.

Maybe, just for today, I should surrender to the advertising myth that ALL I have to do to be cool is to OWN COOL STUFF. It’s nonsense of course, but at this very moment, I think I’ll just let it work for me. Just a second. I’m going to go look in the mirror, with my iPad in hand and see what I see. (Be right back)

Wow!! I saw a cool guy with an iPad. This is fantastic. I didn’t have to DO anything. This is working for me. I think I’ll call somebody and tell them I’m writing a blog on my new iPad and see what they say. (Be right back)

Wow! The first thing they said was, “That’s SOOOO cool!” Incredible. I’m looking cool. I’m told I’m cool…I’m even FEELING pretty cool. Excuse me, I think I hear my wife calling me.

“Hey Grandpa with the iPad. Did you take out the garbage?”

A bit of reality kicks in. Grandpa with the iPad is right. That’s who I am. A “poser” with an adornment. I surrender to the truth, and call back to my wife. “I’m on my way right now”

And she calls back. “Cool!”

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